We are the Australasian reseller of Bruker portable X-ray Fluorescence (pXRF) instruments.

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Our instruments are highly customisable, resilient and have been proven to excel in both the laboratory and the field.

We offer sales, support and training for Bruker pXRF instruments, along with a dedicated Perth-based calibration and technical team.

Bruker portable XRF instruments are the modern, customisable alternative in the industry.


The Bruker TRACER 5i uses an air, vacuum or helium beam path to interactively control power, filter, collimators and atmosphere, along with comprehensive data analysis capabilities to provide the ultimate on-site interaction for faster analysis at lower LODs, including sodium.

The Bruker TRACER 5i offers features such as:

  • Controllable energy and current
  • Proprietary large area Silicon Drift Detector
  • 3 or 8mm spot size
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Bruker S1 TITAN

The Bruker S1 TITAN offers unique features such as the TITAN detector shield which protects your detector even during analysis. In addition to offering light elements as standard on the soil calibration it is also possible to custom calibrate to your exact matrix to improve the precision and accuracy of your results.

The Bruker S1 TITAN offers innovative features including:

  • The TITAN Detector Shield™
  • User-controllable energy and current
  • User-created custom empirical calibrations using EasyCal software
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