Metal Analysis and Scrap Sorting

Determining the precise chemical composition and alloy grade of metal is a common need in many industries. Metal analysis tools that are fast, accurate, nondestructive, and highly portable are the cornerstone of efficient operations whether you are a metal refiner, recycler, or fabricator.

To meet these challenges, Bruker introduces the S1 TITAN, a state of the art metal analyser. The S1 TITAN Portable XRF metal analyser is a rugged, nondestructive instrument perfect for a wide variety of metal analysis applications including:

  • Scrap metal sorting for scrap metal recycling
  • PMI Positive Material Identification
  • Metal foundry QA/QC
  • Aerospace QA/QC
  • Alloy grade verification
  • Gold analysis
  • Precious metals analysis
  • Lead-free exempt testing
  • Tin whiskers risk mitigation
  • Flow accelerated corrosion risk mitigation
  • Iron slag analysis
  • Lead in brass testing for new plumbing regulations
  • Weld and weld electrode analysis
  • Electronic component analysis
  • Toxic heavy metals testing

Regardless of the specific application, the Bruker S1 TITAN is versatile enough to analyse metal anywhere, from incoming to in-service components and from small solder joints on printed circuit boards to large in-service piping in a petrochemical plant.

Scrap Sorting

Sorting scrap used to be the job of experienced metal sorters, but that has all changed since the introduction of handheld XRF technology. Bruker provides a fast, reliable way of detecting the valuable content of scrap as well as detecting unwanted or “tramp” elements – without the need for highly-trained operators. The size of the sample isn’t a problem – the analyser can measure everything from single wires up to big heat-exchangers and other large structures. It’s a simple case of point-and-shoot.