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All prices are in Australian Dollars. Quoted prices do include federal, state or local excise, sales, use or similar taxes.

Exchange Rate

Quotes are based on the USD exchange rate at time of generating the quote. If the exchange rate should vary more than 5% by the time the invoice is issued then the difference will be passed onto the customer.


This offer contains all agreements and is in lieu of all other oral agreements, guarantees, promises, representations or warranties expressed or implied. This quotation supersedes all preceding quotations.


50% payment upon placing order

50% payment prior to delivery from our Perth office.


Please make Purchase Order to:


Portable Analysers Australia

Level 2, 9 Colin Street

West Perth

Perth, WA, 6005

T: +61 8 9321 0321


Quote valid for 30 days from date of issue unless otherwise noted. All specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Shipment / Delivery

Normal equipment delivery is 2-6 weeks after receipt of order, unless otherwise stated.

Quicker deliveries are sometimes available.

Conditional Sale

All goods remain property of Portable Analysers Australia until full payment has been received.

Regulatory Approval

Buyer is responsible for maintaining its authorization for use of the instruments in necessary jurisdictions.


S1 Titan standard warranty is 2 years. The warranty period for this quote starts from date of invoice not date of shipment, if different.

Bruker reserves the right to apply modifications to technical details that reflect the technological progress or increase the operational safety of the instrument.


This document contains information that is confidential and/or subject to legal privileges. Any review, printing, copying, retention, disclosure, distribution or use of this document is strictly prohibited.

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