Introducing the all new, TRACER 5i pXRF spectrometer; recommended for universities, art galleries and museums.  It is ideal for Methods Development, Research and Complex Materials.

TRACER 5i is the high value in-situ pXRF performer synchronizing power, function, precision and accuracy for dynamic, field capable laboratory-like elemental analysis.


Calibrations can be customised to get the most accurate and precise results from your instrument. Our applications centre is based in Perth, giving you the opportunity to get a fast turnaround for your customised calibration.

Custom calibrations can be created for anything that the portable XRF can analyse; this can include but is not restricted to soil, ore material, plastics, welds, plant materials, ceramics and even paints. Elements that are not routinely offered on factory calibrations can be catered for, such as thalium or galium.


The TRACER 5i allows complete user control of the excitation conditions. These can be developed using recommended settings in the software or user preferences.

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Automated filter
  • Manual filter
  • Sample spot size
  • Vacuum, Helium or air

The TRACER 5i settings and measurements can be controlled on the pXRF or with Artax™ advanced spectral analysis PC software, via WiFi or USB.

Users can also develop their own calibrations with EasyCal PC software for empirical correlations. These can be transferred to the TRACER 5i operating system for point-and-shoot tests.


Interactive touchscreen: High performance and contrast daylight visible TFT LCD 3.7” touchscreen display

Collimation: Selectable collimation includes 3 and 8 mm spot sizes

Geometry: Features patented SharpBeam™ beam path for best performance at low power

Data storage & transfer: Data storage card, I/O ports, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity to save and transmit data from the field

Convenience features: TrueTouch trigger switch, ambidextrous Relaxed Hand Grip™ strap and EasyAccess™ rail  for accessories

Integrated camera: Internal VGA CMOS camera with ability to store up to 5 photos per assay

Weight: 1.9 kg (4.1 lbs) with battery; 1.6 kg (3.6 lbs) base weight

Size: 27.3 cm(L) x 9.4 cm(w) x 29.5 cm(H)

Detector: Proprietary 40mm2 silicon drift detector with < 140 eV @ 250,000 cps Mn Kα

X-ray tube: Rh target thin window; max voltage 50 kV

Filter changer: Selectable automated internal 5 position primary beam  filter changer wheel with pre-installed filters; manual insertion filter/secondary target slot for factory or user-made filters; two manual filter holders

Vacuum pump attachment: Yes. Allows for enhanced light element sensitivity

Gas flow chamber: Yes. Allows for the measurement of gases down to Ne

Software-driven voltage and current control: Included

Instrument stand: Included, for desktop applications


Our support ethos goes far beyond basic maintenance and repair. We are committed to providing support that meets your needs, working with your specific requirements and helping you to make the most out of your purchase with us.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, we offer a Service Care Plan that can range from basic to premium. We offer technical support, diagnostic services, maintenance and calibration checks or recalibration in our Perth-based offices, providing a fast turnaround time and face-to-face support.

Premium Care Plan

Standard Care Plan


Priority access to technical support


Remote diagnostic services


Annual maintenance and re-certification of measurement accuracy


50% discount on repair due to accidental damage


All repair parts included


Priority access to technical support


Remote diagnostic services


Annual maintenance and re-certification of measurement accuracy


25% discount on repair due to accidental damage


50% discount on repair parts


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Level 2, 9 Colin Street, West Perth, WA 6005